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New Utrecht Reformed Church
New Utrecht Liberty Pole Assn.
14th Brooklyn Society

1831 84th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11214
Tel.: 718-256-7173
Fax: 718-256-7162

Our Mission

Our mission is to perpetuate the historical and cultural contributions of the Town of New Utrecht through education, preservation and restoration.

It is through the collaborative efforts of the Friends of Historic New Utrecht (FHNU) that this is possible. Let us honor our forefathers and bring back their sense of community spirit. It was their past determination that drives us to motivate future generations to plan, protect, preserve and honor. Our highest priority is to reach students in Brooklyn and beyond with tours, discussions, question & answer sessions and actual hands on learning.

Friends of Historic New Utrecht supports the efforts of other historical societies in Brooklyn, New York to educate, preserve and restore Brooklyn's rich history.
                        Utrecht's Historic Cemetery (The New York Times,
                        Dec. 2, 2007)
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George Washington post-event press release

  FHNU Annual General Meeting: Wednesday, June 19, 7:30 p.m.

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Podcast Series

Mike Grillo Event Podcast Link

Bill Russo and Anthony Lafasso interview Mike Grillo, historian and noted historic reenactor in the person of General Washington. The first of a multi-part series on the experiences of General Washington as he lead the army of revolutionaries into battle against the British in the New York area in the rebellion to free the colonies from the English monarchy.