Liberty Weekend - June 5-6, 2010
New Utrecht Liberty Pole Association Mrs. Elizabeth Ditmars Van Pelt founded and organized the New Utrecht Liberty Pole Association in the living room of the Van Pelt manor. By 1908 the organization was incorporated. By the time Townsend Cortelyou and Elizabeth Van Pelt had presented the fourth Liberty Pole in 1910, the Van Pelts had been leading the movement to preserve the Liberty Pole for over twenty-five years. They tended to the Pole, were entrusted with the flag and saw that the flag was raised on public holidays throughout those years.

On September 22, 2002, 84th Street in Brooklyn, NY was renamed Liberty Pole Boulevard.

The New Utrecht Liberty Pole

The New Utrecht Liberty Pole is the only one of its kind remaining in the original thirteen United States. The New Utrecht Reformed Church is easily identified from miles around by this 106' tall Pole on the front lawn. It is the sixth one erected in succession on the church grounds. A bronze tablet at the site is inscribed with the following words:

"This Liberty Pole marks the spot over which the American flag first waved in the town of New Utrecht. The original pole was erected by our forefathers at the Evacuation of the British, November 1783, amid the firing of cannons and demonstration of joy."

On top of the Pole is the original eagle and weathervane. The eagle is made of wood and has a 5' wingspan. After two hundred and twenty years, the weather has weakened it considerably and it has been reinforced with iron bands.